Sebastian Offshore

Capt. Doug Kaska

Well summer is here and the weather is getting hot and rainy. I was out the other day and was able to fish for about 30 minutes before have to head home. But not to worry got a nice 8 pound Dolphin and a peanut in that short of time.

Kingfish will be moving in closer to shore and that will help the person with the smaller boat. Remember to have plenty of stinger rigs on board as a nice size King will twist that wire and it will not be able to be used again. Make sure your reels have plenty of line on them if not replace it because you never can tell when that 40lb king is going to take the bait.

The Dolphin bite has been hit or miss. I have been finding fish in the 80-150ft range. I have gone out and caught none, but on the other hand I have caught several good size fish. I have had a few big ones come up to the boat when I get into a school of them. I always have pitch baits ready to throw just in case that big one should come along.

Sailfish are still in the area and should be following active bait pods. This will put a smile on your face when you get that hookup. Remember to release that fish after you have revived him good enough to swim away.

The bottom fishing bite has been fantastic and I look for that to continue through the summer months. Trigger fish, Grouper and Mangrove Snapper are being caught.

The Big Jacks are aggressively attacking a top water plug; this is some hard fast fun when nothing else is around.

Moving closer to the beaches the Tarpon bite will continue to get better and better as the bait on the beach stays around. It has been hit or miss at times, when you do find them be patient as they will bite your bait and then its game on not ”fish on”.

In closing I want to wish you all a very safe and happy Fourth of July.

Capt. Doug Kaska runs a 21’ Shoalwater cat style hull that will handle up to 4 people with ease and comfort with a smooth dry ride. If you are looking to fish the flats or go offshore this boat will do it. He runs the Evinrude 150 E-Tec which is quiet and very fuel efficient.

Capt. Doug Kaska
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