Sebastian Offshore

Capt. Doug Kaska

Kingfish will be moving in closer to shore and that will help the person with the smaller boat. Remember to have plenty of stinger rigs on board as a nice size King will twist that wire and it will not be able to be used again. Make sure your reels have plenty of line on them if not replace it because you never can tell when that 40lb king is going to take the bait.

Sailfish are still in the area and should be following active bait pods. This will put a smile on your face when you get that hookup. This past month I have gotten several sails and have seen plenty come to the back of the boat.

In regards to the Dolphin bite it has been very slow. Maybe with the upwelling taking place it may bring some back in the area. I have gotten reports of Dolphin being caught further south.

The bottom fishing bite has been doing very well. I look for that to change soon. With the full moon coming early I would fish the reefs for Mutton and Mangrove Snapper. Trigger fish, and Grouper can be caught also.

The Big Jacks are aggressively attacking a top water plug; this is some hard fast fun when nothing else is around.

Moving closer to the beaches the Tarpon bite will continue to get better and better as the bait on the beach stays around. It has been hit or miss at times, when you do find them be patient as they will bite your bait and then its game on not, ”fish on”.

Capt. Doug Kaska
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