Shirmp Report: Nov 2013

T he summer shrimp run was a bust from Central Florida all the way to North East, Florida. Nothing more to talk about, we need to get this memory behind us. This is the time to be thinking about your shrimping gear and what you need for the 2013-2014 season officially starting 1 Nov. The most asked question at the beginning of the season involves equipment choices. So let’s get this discussion out of the way.

The #1 most advanced shrimp light that went viral last season is the “MacDaddy” shrimp light series. Personally, my favorite model is the GW 60/60 which means it has 60 LED’s of white and 60 LED’s of green. You can turn on either color or engage both strips at the same time for a 120 LED burn (a “green white”) and it is easy on the eyes. This light has set the bar and has become the light “copied” by other local companies as recent as last month. Don’t be fooled, if the light does NOT have an in-line fuse & brass battery terminal clips, its a imitation MacDaddy light. You can go to and read all the specs and see the entire product line, costs range $115 to $150.

The “macdaddy” shrimp light.

Frame nets are shrimping partners, and are 4×4 foot or 3×5 foot in size. They are attached to your boat and collect shrimp. The most preferred frame net is the collapsible one ($100-125.00) which rolls up for easy transport and storage. You can get a basic frame net ($100) or HD (high density) monofilament model ($125). Dip nets are a 8-10 ft. handled net and you can buy them with a 24″ or 30″ hoop opening ($55-65). The smaller size is best for children or those who desire a lighter net. The sock on these dip nets are about 7 foot long with easy release of shrimp from the bottom. You can get your gear via East Volusia ramp delivery (Call Capt Lee) or go to Oak Hill Flea Market (Marker 69 booth & also meet Capt Lee) starting Nov 3rd. You can purchase your gear on-line and have it shipped too. Go to to review all the gear used in the sport.

My first free from “Zero to Hero” seminar will be Dec 9th @ 7 PM at the Mid Coast Fly Fisher in New Symrna, RSVP ( or call 407-330-4852 (limited seating and it will fill up). Knowledge is power, understanding how to use your gear to pull high is the ball game. Small quantities of shrimp are being caught in Oak Hill. the sizes are small but there are some 5″ ones too. We are optimisitic we will have a winter 2013-2014 run. It was epic last winter. Get your pack out list ready, dry run your gear & ensure your navigation lights are working. Join the Academy of Shrimping download the Yuku app for mobile access, select “reelchicksfish” as forum.