Shrimp Report: August 2014


Hot temperatures and afternoon rains make this 2014 summer no different than any other season. However, the white shrimp are a no show for the most part in Volusia and Flagler County. Commercial guys have been spotted throwing mono in Central Florida but they are reporting low to no yields. Why? In 2013 Black Gill disease put Georgia in severe financial compromise in an industry that commanded a large fleet of shrimping vessels. Black gill is a parasite that enters the shrimp affecting their lungs. A rebound is hopeful for 2015 but Georgia is looking for financial aid for the commercial fisherman in the “red” for 2014. With this kind of news, it is hard for me to believe we are going to have an epic season in Florida. Morale is real low in Florida, and as I have said all along, do not expect much for this season. Yes, there may be areas of sporadic action but as of right now there is no Intel and nobody is talking shrimp. We are taking this day by day, with all eyes on the forums waiting for scouts and anglers to report back action. Good news is the scallops are in and plentiful from Crystal River to Steinhatchee and Keaton. The biggest scallops are being reported out of Keaton. Shells the size of your palm.

Last 2 years Steinhatchee and Keaton were plagued by tanic brown waters reducing visibility to nothing. So far, the water clarity is clear as far North as Keaton but with daily afternoon rains the water clarity could be become compromised. Visit the scallop forum at and follow the “picking” Intel reports, water clarity reports and tide charts to tilt the scales of success in your favor. Limits are bring reported from Crystal River in record time. We will keep monitoring the summer shrimping grounds and please do NOT be afraid to eat the white shrimp you catch. The Black Gill disease is harmless to humans if ingested and it does not affect the taste of the shrimp either. I am NOT saying we have Black Gill disease in Florida, I know many Floridians chase in Georgia. Keep up on all things fishing (in-shore, off-shore, crabbing, shrimping and scalloping). Iphone and Android app available, “YUKU” and then region with REELCHICKSFISH and your plugged in.