Shrimp Report: June 2014


S ummer has marched right in bringing warmer water temperatures and sea breeze afternoon showers. This is the month where we pray for NO tropical disturbances because of the detrimental effect on the growth stage of our next generation shrimp. The hurricanes of 2004 skunked our 2005 season. A quick re-cap of the 2014 season was thumbs up Volusia County & thumbs down to North Brevard. The diehard North Brevard anglers found themselves towing to Oak Hill after swearing off Volusia County for nearly a decade. It was nice hearing how humble they became when their Titusville stomping grounds battered their wallets with many nights of low pulls.

If you don’t mind bait pods, manatee’s in frame nets, bugs the size of horses and catfish blacking out your lights, you can still fill a bucket for the sport of it. The sizes remain mixed with a high majority in 3-4” range in Volusia. The Titusville people remain with great commitment trying to catch that magical bucket. The good news is S. Brevard is on the cusp on their season this month. The Mather’s and Eau Gallie Causeways (Melbourne) are the top 2 places to dance with the stars rewarding the army with jumbo’s 8” since May. This is where we go from gallons to counts as they swing 20 foot dip nets into wind driven conditions. Those are the men of this sport. I decided to hold some events just for these special anglers on their grounds. MacDaddy shrimp lights & Ed Shumaker (custom shrimp & casting nets – the gold standard) will be sponsoring these tournaments both on-line at “Academy Of Shrimping” forums as well as un-announced “mini cash” tournaments when I show up at the bridges in disguise.

We have grown to over 3200 members at the Academy and it’s the largest shrimping resource in the State of Florida. My shrimping season is over for Volusia and I pray I do not get addicted alongside the warriors in S. Brevard on the Causeways. I am attracted to the thought of biting into that elusive ShrimpZilla. In all my years shrimping I have never gotten the luxury of downing a “3 biter”. My tell all “Academy Of Shrimping” eBook/print will be a reality shooting for the fall release. My techniques & strategies have been adopted by many who attribute their success to these teachings. Thank you for the inspiration and support to take on this book giving me a platform to mentor others on different levels. Summer shrimping will start in Daytona Beach area perhaps as early as late June. We chase these white shrimp in the daytime throwing cast nets on them from Daytona to Jacksonville (white shrimp love light). Scalloping season opens at the end of the month, don’t be surprised if you see the Academy Of Shrimping boat in Steinhatchee or Crystal River diving for those blue eyed shellfish. For up to the moment fishing, hunting, shrimping, crabbing and scalloping Intel, go to Download the YUKU phone app and take the message forums with you, select REELCHICKSFISH, and done!