Shrimp Report: May 2015

Volusia County still is in the throws of what locals are saying has been a banner season. I would have to agree. The crickets turned on consistent in March and are still running strong. However, we have to tolerate the nuisance bait pods that swirl around our lights causing a black out. The sizes are smaller and you need to spend some time and cull through the dinks. The bugs can be fierce on low wind nights but there is nothing better than dipping in short sleeve shirts and bare feet. Titusville has struggled all winter with an erratic spring but those that duked it out with the skunk came home heroes on those nights that held out no hope. Haulover canal has not been all that magical and has been mostly utilized as a place to lasso some big bull reds this shrimping season. Railroad Bridge has been the only place in Brevard by boat that has shown some mercy but a far cry from previous year pulls. The number of consistent full pulls has hit an all time low this season in Brevard.

Let’s hope they dodge the brown tide bullet and get some stimulation in their eco system. Titusville pier has been giving up some counts and the sizes are just ridiculous big compared to the sizes caught in Volusia County. Those plank pirates put their time in and they have hunted these crickets with such commitment and passion. Brevard has been so late this year producing any joy that those that only shrimp in Brevard are concerned for the future. This is now year two where Brevard fell way below their last banner season 2012- 2013. North Brevard soldiers will still be chasing well into June. The soldiers in S. Brevard continue to monitor the Causeways and have renamed Eau Gallie Causeway, “No Gallie” but they are early in their hunt. The South Brevard folks turn on when Volusia County and North Brevard turn off. They chase over the summer and maybe it will all shake out where they get a banner season. But historically, S. Brevard sits back and watches the Academy of Shrimping reports for North Brevard hoping to predict their up and coming run. In the past if N. Brevard lights up and burns hot producing buckets of glory that is a promising sign they to will be in the gold in Melbourne area.

We have been blessed with high numbers of the delicious pink sweet shrimp this season. Sadly, I must say I have lowered my weapon and laid down my mono. Just like any fan, I am hoping North Brevard has an end of season surge and South Brevard get a chance to tear their rotator cuffs this season. Summer white shrimp do not show up in the Halifax River until June- July in S. Daytona to Jacksonville. Last year it was July and we had quantity but no size, Stay in the know, and read where they are catching the crickets. See you on the river!