Shrimp Report


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Get those dip nets out, save up some sick time (shrimp fever can be infectious) and ensure your navigation lights are operational ($78 ticket). Let’s get down to business. We have reports the shrimp are moving about at both Oak Hill and Titusville regions. This is a pivotal month for the Oak Hill dippers because one day this month will mark GO TIME and trust me watch the river swell with boats fueling the frenzy. In the early season months, we need both perspective and realistic expectations for both quantity and sizes. Oh, the heck with that philosophy, go get your net wet and throw caution to the wind. Historically, the majority of Volusia County shrimpers come down with the “fever” during January around the 2nd moon event. However, should I tattle on my hardcore Titusville ninja’s, the December reports were encouraging with plucks up to 2 gallons of mostly large with jumbo’s (but these pro’s worked 8 hrs). Oak Hill spit a tease in November and December hardly worth the gas. However, some of us hate to sit on land and prefer to go and burn gas. Thy shalt not ever compare Haulover Canal or Railroad Bridge to Oak Hill & Edgewater pre season, two different Eco systems. Both have their pro’s and con’s. The elite with mad skills head towards Haulover Canal or RRB (Railroad Bridge) as early as November to cash in on the landlocked Indian River shrimp.

The Haulover canal is small piece of real estate (50 boats max) and it is best to dip a positive flow(water moving towards Mosquito Lagoon). Check the flow strength/direction on-line before you go and try catch a positive flow between 3000-4500. The flow direction can change while your there depending on approaching fronts and wind changes. Bring a rod, and pitch to the huge bull reds & drum, and bring an additional bucket to hold your share of blue crabs. Cheer up, Oak Hill always lags 4-6 weeks behind the squeals of Titusville. If you want to go from zero to hero in 60 minutes this season (technique and proper lighting), attend my free educational seminars in a city near you. The learning curve can be frustrating and a little mentoring will save you valuable time and money. Follow the website reports ( and post your reports. We were founded on sharing openly with other members. The January seminar dates (public invited) are Jan 12th (Mon evening 7pm) Orlando ( for details) & Jan 14th (Saturday) at Halifax Sports Fishing Club Rookie Day Expo/Port Orange ( for details). Stay connected to the Intel via your iPhone/Android smart phone, download YUKU app, select REELCHICKSFISH site, tweak settings for posts NEWEST to OLDEST. Be in the know before you go, reports more than 72 hrs old are useless. Please give back and share your adventure on-line, email or texting me (202-50-FISHN), it’s a pay it forward that will give back to you x10 fold.