Spearfishing Forecast – April 2017

Damien from Nashville with an AJ aboard the Kitchen Pass.
Damien from Nashville with an AJ aboard the Kitchen Pass.

With the weather warming up we all want to get out and play in the water, but remember, the water is still cool, in the upper 60s to the lower 70s, you still need to wear an exposure suit (wetsuit). You should also watch the weather very closely as it is extremely unpredictable in April.

I have seen many large greater amberjack being harvested in state waters. The flounder have been a little hard to find, but should be moving back into the bays. The sheepshead are plentiful in most spots around the wrecks and hard bottom so have fun spearing those delicious fish. The Spanish and King Mackerel are moving back in so if you want to hone your shooting skill, these fish will give even the most experienced spearfishermen a challenge.

I recently caught a 30 lb. black fin tuna, so you never know what is going to be around. Don’t forget to look up for fish swimming overhead and you may see tuna, barracuda, or even a cobia.

One of the most important parts of dive safety is to stay hydrated. This is even more important in the winter because your body is working harder to stay warm and that takes water and energy that you don’t realize you are using.

As always, plan your dive and dive your plan.

Thanks for reading.

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