Spearfishing Forecast – August 2018

The Sawyer family with a great haul aboard the Kitchen Pass.
The Sawyer family with a great haul aboard the Kitchen Pass.

The water is great with temps in the 80s all the way to the bottom. The weather should be getting better and the seas calmer; this will make for great diving so, let’s get out there! Red snapper season is over but there are plenty of other fish in the sea. The big groupers are still a little further out, so don’t be afraid to travel longer and dive deeper on some hard bottom. The visibility has been good on bottom, about 30’ to 50’, but up in the water column, it’s been less than perfect; only about 3’ to 10’. There is a lot of life on many of the wrecks, like Stage 1 and 2, for you to take pictures or even harvest. However, Stage 2 is only about a mile from shore and the fish are mostly small, but still a great last dive of the day location because its only about 60’ deep. Stage 1 however is about 12 miles off shore in about 100’ with big mangrove snappers, gag groupers and some beeliners.

This month’s safety tip concerns repetitive dives. If you want to do them, I urge you to plan them very carefully. The best way I’ve found is to write them out on paper and go back to it throughout the day of the dive to make sure you are diving your plan. If you need help with the dive tables any of the great dive shops in Panama City would be glad to help you.


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