Spearfishing Forecast – May 2019


I’ve been on a few dives this year so far and I can say “WOW!” The red snapper are everywhere, and they are huge! This month we should start seeing the water temp continuing to come up, maybe into the mid to upper 70s. The vis should be less because we are in the weather transitioning months but still good enough to spearfish, maybe around 20’ to 30’. With the weather changing so much it will affect temps and vis more than anything else. This season should be very interesting because the wrecks have all changed a little due to hurricane Michael. Most people start their dive season this month so expect a lot more dive boats on the normal diving wrecks like the Strength, Red Sea, Span 12, Black Bart, and Span 14. If you don’t want a dive boat to come up to you and drop in, then stay away from these spots. From watching the behavior of the fish so far this year they are not scared of you so get out there as soon the season opens before they learn to stay away again.

The safety tip for this month is, remember the sunblock. Even though the mornings are cool, and you don’t feel like you need it, you still do. Also remember to study up on your fish size and bag limits there are some changes.

As always, plan your dive and dive your plan!

Thanks for reading.

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