St. George Island / Carrabelle / Alligator Point Fishing Report: July 2014


[dropcap]O[/dropcap]h man, July is hot! With the heat comes a change in fishing patterns and behavior. As the water temperatures rise into the mid to upper 80’s, most coastal fish get sluggish. This is especially true for inshore species. That being the case, this month is the time to hit the water early and late. This month, hedge your bets that the fish will feed early and late on a moving tide.

Bald Point and Ochlocknee Bay provides consistent fishing for all inshore species during the summer months. The bay has plenty of deep water oyster bars and some holes in the bay that reach forty feet plus. Look for trout, reds, and flounder to hold in the bay all month. Also, a must do Black drum trip under the O’Bay bridge will put big fish in your boat- up to eight pounds- all catch and release fish! The beaches of Alligator Point will hold bait schools all month. The beachside water temperatures will stay cooler, and hold every inshore species. It’s time to drive a sand spike and relax. If tarpon is in your game, this is the month they will be here in numbers. Look for rolling pods working the beach. Look for the flotilla of flats skiffs staked out waiting for their shot on fly or spin.

The Lanark bite will be early morning during the heat of summer. Look for fish to feed best on a morning incoming tide. The morning tide brings a little cool water to the flats. If you are looking for trout bite, slide deeper into 6 to 8 feet this month, just outside the reef. Bouncing jigs and plastic baits will catch fish.


As for the island bite, both Dog Island and St George will hold plenty of inshore species. Just be mindful of the heat factor. Look for fish to work edges of deep water. Look for fish to feed harder on an incoming tide early in the morning. Also, key in on bait schools working the bay and beachside. If you have the opportunity to visit the East Cut inside the state park, please make the trip. Go early, and enjoy one of the best fishing access points on the gulf.

Offshore, the cobia and kingfish bite will stay hot. There will be plenty of bait around the towers and deep water public reefs. K tower, V Tower, and O Tower always provides plenty of action. The reef fish bite will be tremendous. Look for gags to move deep and be hungry. Have a mix of live and frozen bait to increase your odds.

If you need help with your inshore game, give us a call/text/email. We are booking trips all month. Check us out at ENJOY!