Stand Up to the Storm and Fish!

Shortly after Hurricane Michael ravaged our community, a fellow Coastal Angler Magazine Co-Publisher, Gene Dyer, came up from Ft. Lauderdale with a truckload of relief supplies and a commitment to make a positive impact. He fed a ton of people at our community cookout, he paid for folks’ equipment rentals, and delivered the many supplies he’d gathered to those who needed it. This is but one example of the outpouring of support this community so desperately needed. As time has passed and we rebuild and recover, I reflect on what’s helped me cope, and what’s so important to so many of us…fishing.

I know firsthand how difficult it’s been to get out and wet a line in a time of such upheaval…insurance problems, contractors, cleanup, repairs, lost wages, loss of homes, loss of loved ones; the list goes on and on and it’s enough to strain even the most resilient of us.

Your spirit, like mine, may be in desperate need of some normalcy…some remnant of pre-storm life that fishing brings. I urge you to find the time in your schedule to focus on you and give yourself that much needed time to unwind, detach and let your mind engage in what I consider to be the greatest thing about our area; the many fishing opportunities we have. This won’t require much time, money or effort, but will pay dividends in recharging your spirit and bringing you and your family some peace in an otherwise hectic time.

Look to our forecasts and our Captains to help you in your quest for recreation and fishing success.

Coastal Angler Magazine is here for the long haul; we care about this community and its people. We hope our pages can in some small way help bring you some of that much needed normalcy, time away from the grind and a recharged spirit.

Good fishing and God bless.

~ Capt. Randy “C-note” Cnota