Apparel Guide For Summer Kayaking – Avoid Skin Cancer

One of the best things about living in the Low Country is the beautiful Sunny weather.  T-shirts and flip flops are practically a required uniform down here.

Out on the water is another story completely.  The unrelenting sun and blast furnace level heat are not something to take lightly.

Yet some of us choose to spend all day, outside, in this oppressive heat.  How is that even possible?

Check out the apparel list below for some ideas on how to best survive the Summer Sun.

Head: These are “turn the car around”  apparel items.  A wide brim or baseball hat is a must.  Even giant straw hats are making a comeback in this department.

Polarized sunglasses are fantastic.  The polarization eliminates glare and helps tremendously with sight fishing.

I recommend a wider side frame and wider lenses to maximize visibility and skin coverage.

Sunglasses get expensive quick so use a tether or float to avoid that trip to the bottom of the sea.

Most important for me is a Buff.  Simply put a Buff is a lightweight, breathable, polyester mask.

Buffs protect your neck, face, and ears from the damaging effects of the Sun.  Wearing a Buff may take a little while to get used to.

Important tip:  Don’t wear a Buff over you face in the grocery store/tackle shop/burger joint or you may win a free ride in a Police Car.

After a trip or two you will never want to fish without one again.  They make you look like a super awesome fishing ninja.

Important tip:  Don’t wear a Buff over you face in the grocery store/tackle shop/burger joint or you may win a free ride in a Police Car.

Hands:  No one wants gross smelling chemical sunscreen smeared all over their bait.  Pick up a nice pair of gloves instead.

Good fishing UV gloves will protect your hands from the sun, braided line, fish spines, and sharp oyster shells.

Torso: “Aren’t you hot with long sleeves on?”  I get this question all the time.  The answer is no.  100% polyester UV shirts are all I wear.

Polyester breaths, wicks away moisture, and keeps me cool.  Polyester UV material stains incredibly fast so dedicate a few apparel items for fishing and a few for a night on the town but never both.

Guide style lightweight long pants are also must.  Made from thin synthetic materials, they dry fast and protect your legs.

Feet:  Many companies make full coverage, vented, quick dry shoes.  Before buying – ask yourself, “If I walked on oyster shells will these protect me?”

Fashion is secondary in the battle against skin cancer.

Ramps are slick so an aggressive siped marine tread is also important.  Long lightweight polyester dress socks.

The same kind that came with your rented Tuxedo at prom.  You laugh now but it works.

We all want to look cool out on the water, but fashion is secondary in the battle against skin cancer.

Take the time to protect your self this Summer and go prepared.  After all, the fish don’t care what you look like.

Jim Morrissey | President – Chucktown Kayak Bassin’
CKB Angler of the Year 2018
Co-Founder of Yak-Bassin’ –

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