Tips and Tricks for Summer Skiff Maintenance

Its finally here. Summer. Hopefully you used your boat all year, but if not, here’s a few of our favorite products and tips to make life easy.

Although we love being outside, the sun is not really your friend. The same is true for your gear. UV damage is real and can cause things to fade and become brittle.

Aerospace 303 Spray Protectant is the answer. Look at it as sunscreen for your stuff. Blocks UV on vinyl, plexiglass, carbon fiber, rubber, plastics, etc.

I’ve had great luck with it on seat cushions, the plastic on GPS’s (no screens), life jackets, bumpers; they all look brand new.

T-9 Boeshield is another spray product I wouldn’t want to be without. Everything electrical gets spayed down with T-9.

Developed by the Boeing Company, it has a higher resistance to saltwater and lasts a good deal longer than WD-40.

It also lubricates much better in my opinion. Works on all metals, including stainless, cast iron, brass, copper and aluminum.

This is also how I use to keep any trailer hardware from becoming rusty. Bilge pumps, cushion snaps, latches/hatch hardware, steering linkages…you get the picture.

If you’ve ever waxed your boat the traditional way, congrats- that’s hard work. I doubt you ever did it again though? Woody Wax to the rescue!

Wash your boat, spray Woody Wax all over deck and work in with a broom or brush. Once it dries, come back with a sprayer on a hose (not high pressure) and spray the deck.

Your finished! It works great on non skid as well as hulls. Blood, mud, and tears will be washed off with ease.

Lastly if you trailer your boat, go ahead and get a hub replacement kit for your trailer and keep in the trunk or toolbox.

They are fairly inexpensive and if you blow a hub, you’ll be leaving the boat on the side of the road to go get one.

This little bit of proactiveness can get you back on the road/water much faster. That’s what its about, spending the most time on the water! Enjoy, and happy boating

Scotty Davis






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