Improve Your Surf Casting Technique With these Simple Tips

Many novice surf anglers are intimidated by the size of a 12 ft pole. It is big, and can appear to be hard to handle, and difficult to cast properly. However, with the right technique, an angler of any shape or shape can effectively cast a full-sized surf rod. When it comes to Surf Fishing the Beaches of Florida, there is no greater authority than John Detmer. Watch this video as John explains the fundamental techniques that can significantly increase your surf casting distance and accuracy, whether you’re an experienced surf angler or just getting started in the sport.

Surf Casting Video Summary:
When you’re ready to cast your 12 ft Surf Rod, position the line so there’s about 4 to 5 ft between the weight and the tip of the rod. Look at the reel, and with your left hand, push the roller bearing around until it’s directly under your trigger finder. Next, grab the line with your trigger finger and flip the bail.

Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, keep your hands high on your rod, and keep the rod pointed directly back, perpendicular to the ocean’s horizon. In one fluid motion, push the rod up and forward with your right arm and should, and pull it down and forward with your left arm. The key to casting in the right direction is the timing in which you release your trigger finger from the line. This should be done when the rod is 45 degrees from the horizon. John recommends “pointing” with your trigger finder as you follow through with your casting motion, which will send your line in the direction that is intended.

In the countless Florida surf fishing classes that John has instructed, he’s never had someone that could not pick up with easy-to-learn casting technique.