Surf Fishing

John Detmer

January was a good fishing month for me and the clients. During the month we caught and released a number of fish that included bluefish, whiting, pompano, sheepshead and black drum. I also noted that the whiting seemed bigger and stronger this year than last and averaging 11 – 13 inches.  The morning weather was a very cold for me this year and my son says it’s because I am getting older. But, he has always had a way of pointing out the obvious.
I suggest will see more of the same January weather conditions in February. Cold/foggy mornings, warming up during the day and weather fronts blowing thru every 3/5 days. Pompano,whiting, bluefish, sheepshead and black drum will be present in the surf. Sand fleas will be up on many beaches during the morning and evening raising tides. All these conditions should put the surf angler in the drivers seat for a stellar surf fishing month this February.
Surf Note: The Satellite Beach and Indian Harbour Beach Reefs have produced exceptional catches of sheepshead this January due to the sheepshead spawning activity. I expect that bite to continue thru February and March. Sand Fleas and/or fiddler crabs are the go to bait and anglers will fish them in front or beyond the reef for best results. Additionally, with the abundance of sand fleas currently present on the beaches, now is the time to stock up on these crustaceans for later months.
Just a quick bait reminder:I prefer to take several different baits when I go fishing including Fishbites because it gives me a greater opportunity to catch fish. I like to use cut mullet for bluefish and then shrimp as the best bait for whiting, redfish and black drum. Live sand fleas can’t be beat for pompano,sheepshead and all the species will go for fresh clams. Tight Lines.

John Detmer
Owner/Operator of J&H Surf Fishing the Space Coast
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