Surf Fishing

By John Detmer

March is a transitional month leading into spring which always brings new adventures in surf fishing for me. I really like this time of the year when I can kiss the winter and its cold northeast winds good bye. I notice that the local surf anglers blood starts to run a little faster and there seems to be a feeling of fishing success in the air. Gone are the cold mornings when it was warmer to put ones’ feet in the ocean than stand on the sand.

February had its highs and lows as far as surf fishing was concerned. One beach would produce good fishing and another right next to it nothing. Even so fish were caught and many did well with our usual pompano, whiting, blues and black drum.  As I look back on February it was the anglers who moved around to different beaches that did the best. Note to self: “the more beaches you can fish and become comfortable fishing, the greater opportunity you have to catch fish when others are being shut out”.

Several suggestions for March surf fishing: 1) When the bite is slow, try to change baits often and cover as much water as you can with your casts. 2) I prefer long rods (12/13 ft) for distance and a shorter (10/11 ft) rod for close in casting.3) Stop in and visit the folks at the local bait and tackle shop nearest your fishing destination. They are more than willing to share useful information. 4) When surf fishing, fresh/live bait can equal fish just about every time. 5) I will be fishing for the pompano, whiting, black drum and sheepshead during March.

John Detmer
Owner/Operator of J&H Surf Fishing the Space Coast
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