Surf Fishing

By: John Detmer

How does the saying go:” March comes in like a lion”.

Well that’s what happened, northeast winds and waves almost shutting down the surf fishing for the first 12 to 15 days of March. Shore rip currents, waves, sargassum grasses and 15 knot and better northeast winds stopped even the hard-core anglers from fishing. So, by mid-month many surf anglers were starting to go a little stir crazy and getting very grumpy. I didn’t notice but, my son said I was getting cranky too. Whatever, I can’t wait to see what April fishing will bring to the table.

The April forecast looks like this for the surf angler. Hopefully, lighter winds and calmer seas. Shrimp and clams will still be the best baits on a daily basis. I am also noticing more anglers fishing live sand fleas which are the prime bait for pompano. April’s fishing will be a game of fishing a number of different beaches as you target the pompano, whiting, drum and sheepshead. Don’t be shy about exploring the great beaches we have in Brevard County. The more beach locations you can catch fish at and become comfortable fishing, the greater opportunity you have to catch fish when others are not.

Speaking of sheepshead, it is outstanding table fair. All white firm flesh that cooks well on the BBQ or baked in the oven. Just be careful when you fillet the fish as the dorsal fin has spikes that are very sharp and deadly to hands and fingers.

John Detmer
Owner/Operator of J&H Surf Fishing the Space Coast
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