Surf Fishing Report – August 2020

Snook fishing in Central Florida is on fire!
Snook fishing in Central Florida is on fire!

Beach fishing in Brevard during the past weeks has been impressive, and surf fishing anglers will continue to reap the rewards in August. Pompano catches continue to impress for this seasonal time period. In addition, there’s been consistent catches of big snook, whiting and sharks. Pick a target species to have the proper surf fishing gear required for the task at hand.

Typically during this time of the year, we at Cocoa Beach Surf Fishing Charters will run a multi-rod setup to acquire the smattering of species available. Based on recent beach fishing charters, we have half the rods dedicated to fishing for pompano, whiting, sheepshead and drum, with the remainder of our surf fishing rigs dedicated to predatory species like redfish, snook, flounder and sharks. Using this approach is the most effective way of targeting the diversity of fish available.
Snook fishing on the beach from the Sebastian Inlet north to Patrick Air Force Base has been red hot. If you ever dreamed of hooking into a large snook, now is the time. Surf casting a live bait rig for these giants has yielded astonishing results. Mullet and croakers, which can be caught in the surf and hooked onto a live bait rig, have been the ticket to success. With Brevard’s extremely calm summer surf conditions in August, a variety of rods can be easily maintained due to the lack of wind and current. Cast live bait rigs into the deepest part nearest to the shoreline, referred to as the trough. Use of a 40-60 lb. fluorocarbon leader with a 4/0 to 6/0 circle attached is a must. With that being said, always match the size of the bait to the hook size to correlate. These giant snook are out of season currently, so make sure to have a healthy landing and clean release. Don’t take them out of the water for too long and always support their belly with your other hand. Also, be careful of the gill plate on the side of the head, which can act as a serrated blade causing deep lacerations if improperly handled.

There’s no telling how long this exceptional opportunity will persist. Visit your local bait shops for the most recent trends in the bite. If there was any time to attempt a grand slam of surf fishing, it is right now. Prepare surf fishing equipment at home prior to the planned day so everything will be in order for success. Fishbites, sand fleas, and shrimp for the the pompano and whiting fishing have been the ticket. Dedicate the other rods with a fish finder rig with the live baits mentioned. Then hang on and have fun!

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