Surf Fishing Report – December 2020

Private lessons are a great way to learn the finite points for targeting pompano, ask this angler..Thomas, new resident to the Space Coast.
Private lessons are a great way to learn the finite points for targeting pompano, ask this angler..Thomas, new resident to the Space Coast.

Surf fishing Florida in December will bring with it many gifts to local fisherman. The cooling water temperatures drive a fresh migration of species that are targeted throughout the region. Keep your eye on the water temperatures to dictate what can be in store for a day spent on the beaches casting surf equipment. Holiday cheers abound when we see ocean temperatures falling below 75 degrees. Once this trend takes hold we can expect to see a healthy pulse of migratory pompano.

Fishing for pompano year round has its place in every surf fisherman’s focus. But this time of year kicks off the pompano fever that drives many to pack the Space Coast beaches, so expect a crowd once word gets out that the bite is on. Typically this time of year brings periods of ideal conditions with calm seas, only to be interrupted by northeasterly blows that send one packing up. With that being said, it’s of utmost importance to pounce on the cyclical windows that provide banner days surf fishing.

What to look for when identifying these trends can lead to success or epic failures. The Atlantic waters that encompass our region are directly affected by these seasonal weather patterns. Northeasterly winds will clean up the water clarity to an emerald green and electric blue.. These are the opportunities that will bring the best in pompano surf fishing. Due to the fact that pompano have large pupils used for identifying food sources, they will be more likely to catch in the cleaner water.

Pompano rigs by the hundreds will be sent into the surf for this frenzy. Traditional surf fishing baits that are the most productive for pompano are sand fleas, clam and shrimp. Whether I’m running a surf fishing charter or private lessons, I always encourage the use of Fish Bites as well. This synthetically scented product has developed into an incremental tool for the task at hand. Used as a stand-alone bait or accompanied with a tipped fresh bait has the best results. Fish Bites come in various scents and colors which begs the question which should I choose on a given day? I prefer to match the water clarity for color schemes, but alway have a diversity of sand flea flavor, crab, shrimp and clam. Pay attention to what is preferred by the fish on that day and concentrate your assortment to the preference.

Keep in mind pompano won’t be the only species tugging a line this month. Assign a rod or two with live or cut bait for a multitude of predatory species. Expect bluefish, Spanish mackerel, ladyfish and sharks to take the presented baits. Head to the local shops to prepare the proper surf fishing equipment for this seasonal run. Also feel free to contact us at Cocoa Beach Surf Fishing Charters with any questions on equipment or conditions as we service the entire region from Port Canaveral to Vero Beach.

’Tis the season to fish on!

Capt. Lukas Brickweg
Cocoa Beach Surf Fishing Charters
(321) 205-4672