Surf Fishing Report – February 2022

Capt. Lukas with a huge black drum he caught from the shore.
Capt. Lukas with a huge black drum he caught from the shore.

February has always been one of my favorite times of year to hit the beach for surf fishing. Species like pompano, black drum, sheepshead, whiting and mackerel are sure to make their presence known. Weather and water temperatures will dictate what kind of month it shapes up to be. This year we are having unusually warm extended periods, so look for a cool down to get the water temperatures back down so things get fired off.

Trophy-sized black drum will be one of the species we chase on our beach fishing charters in the month of February. These fish can reach upwards of 40-60 lbs. and make for quite the tug-of-war battle fishing from the shore. Commonly caught while targeting pompano in the surf, these big drum are sure to surprise you with a relentless determination to not want to give in. Pompano rigs with clams, fresh dead shrimp or sandfleas will be the ideal baits to hookup with the giant drum or the smaller puppy drum.

Surf fishing for pompano is fun for all ages!
Surf fishing for pompano is fun for all ages!

Pompano fishing looks to stay consistent into February as the water temperatures should keep schooling fish nearby, as well as the residential pompano. These top rated species are a favorite—by far—on our surf fishing charters, where clients love to catch a delicious and hard fighting fish. There’s nothing that gets the heart racing like seeing a large pompano bend the rod with a blitzing strike. Hopefully the sandfleas return as they have been challenging to find this year yet continue to be one of my favorite baits for catching pompano in the surf.

Finally, during our surf fishing charters we’ll rely on a predictable whiting bite that takes place consistently during the month of February. Most of the whiting can be upwards of 1 lb. this time of year and make for a really tasty fish fry. Use pompano rigs with beads and floats depending on the conditions to dial in on the whiting. Fishbites hooked up with sandfleas and shrimp do extremely well for whiting fishing on the Space Coast.

In between the pompano, whiting and drum, the mackerel, sheepshead and blues will keep you steady reeling as this month tends to have lots of life in the water. So get out there and hit the beach to enjoy a cherished Florida winter sport that is surf fishing.

Capt. Lukas Brickweg
Cocoa Beach Surf Fishing Charters
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