Surf Fishing Report – June 2021

Shark remain a consistent surf fishing species for Space Coast anglers this June.
Shark remain a consistent surf fishing species for Space Coast anglers this June.

Fishing from the beach transitioned into new patterns with the extreme warming surf temperatures. In turn, this cranked up the heat for snook fishing, and it continues to produce from Cocoa Beach to Sebastian Inlet, exciting anglers with a seasonal species not seen during colder months.

Sharks undoubtedly remain the most consistent species we’re finding on a daily basis and there’s no end in sight to this trend. Pompano and whiting remain surf fishing staples, but come with fractional numbers in summer months compared to the frequency and size of catches we saw this spring. Lastly, the flounder bite off the beach will continue to reward anglers who invest the time with casting jigs and live baits.

Capt. Lukas with a surf-fishing flounder.
Capt. Lukas with a surf-fishing flounder.

Flexibility is the name of the game when dialing in on the possible opportunities surf fishing holds on the Space Coast for June. Traditional equipment used during our cooler months play a lesser role as the hot days have begun their consistent onslaught. Choosing between tarpon, snook, shark, flounder and mackerel will be an exciting choice left up to each angler, while the means of obtaining these species vary greatly. Make a game plan days prior and prepare accordingly by having the correct equipment, bait and departure times synchronized for success.

Personally, one of my favorite methods these months entail walking the beach with a light- to medium-tackle spinning rod, flipping jigs, swim baits and diving plugs for snook, flounder, jacks and the occasional tarpon. This technique can be applied with live bait as well, swimming a croaker or mullet off the shore for massive snook and other bycatch. If dinosaurs are what you’re after, take the paddleboard or kayak just outside the sandbar and slow troll live baits around the pods of tarpon for a fish story that will last a lifetime. Nothing like the “Florida Sleigh Ride”…being dragged around by a powerful prehistoric silver king.

Take your pick for what excites you most about this seasonal blitz of large predatory fish. The key will be the right baitfish and, while they will continue to be ever more present in the surf zone, it’s always a good idea to bring a castnet to use from the shoreline or a sabiki rig to jig up pogies and menhaden around the tarpon schools. While bait may be obtained in the surf, it’s always encouraged to grab a few from the lagoon to ensure you have a fast start to your fishing day.

Enjoy the wild wonders our fishery has to offer this month where at any moment landing a trophy snook, flounder or tarpon is within reach.

Capt. Lukas Brickweg
Cocoa Beach Surf Fishing Charters
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