Surf Fishing Report – March 2022

A nice mix of sharks, like this lemon shark, will be hanging around in March for your Brevard surf fishing enjoyment
A nice mix of sharks, like this lemon shark, will be hanging around in March for your Brevard surf fishing enjoyment.

Excitement abounds for shore fishing anglers targeting fish and sharks in the surf for the month of March, typically one of my favorite times of year for the sheer diversity on tap for the local beaches encompassing the Space Coast. Look for water temperatures to drive species migration and frequency of catch. Pompano, bluefish, black drum, whiting and sharks will be the most commonly caught. With that being said, catches of flounder, spanish mackerel and redfish will also be amongst the top targeted species.

As the water begins to warm after a cold February, I expect to see a reinvigoration of pompano hitting our shores. Beach fishing charters near Sebastian Inlet and Melbourne Beach should be the first to see this push. Pompano rigs remain the go-to tactic for targeting fish in the surf during the transitional period of March. Peeled shrimp, sand fleas, and fresh clams accompanied by FishBites ensure you match the bait profiles on tap for each species.

In order to capitalize on the numerous opportunities for various species, be sure to diversify your surf fishing setup for the toothy species like bluefish and Spanish mackerel. These schools of fish generally congregate near the shoreline in the first trough and can be caught on fresh chunked bait or artificial lures. In between action on the pompano rigs, be sure to cast a small feather, silver spoon, or Gotcha lure rigged on a light- to medium-action rod to reap the rewards. Knowing these species are extremely aggressive, it is often beneficial to work artificial lures rapidly and erratically.

Lastly, shark fishing charters will once again be a standout experience during the month of March. Knowing this to be one of the best times of year to catch sharks from the beach has our repeat clients in search of plentiful shark catches very excited. We look forward to seeing black tip sharks, lemon sharks and Atlantic sharpnose, to name a few. There’s no better way to celebrate a family fishing trip than by hooking into these top-notch predators. Fresh chunked baits and live bait deployed in the first and second trough makes these shark rigs irresistible to passing sharks.
Hit the beaches for the spring flavor of all that’s provided in the surf of the Central East Coast.

Capt. Lukas Brickweg
Cocoa Beach Surf Fishing Charters
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