Brevard Surf Fishing Report: Nov 2013

October lived up to all the hype and excitement for great surf fishing. Cocoa Beach, Satellite Beach, Melbourne Beach and South had all the action any surf angler could ask for and then more. A good number of mornings we stood on the crossover and watched sharks, tarpon, jacks and other finned species feeding on threadfin herring, menhaden and finger mullet as they streamed past our location. The neighbor hooked up twice on big tarpon while surf fishing from the beach before he started using his kayak to chase them down. He estimated his biggest tarpon at 80 to 90 pounds, now that’s a big fish! Sorry but, once again I am sounding like a broken record, telling family, friends and clients’ how great the fishing is year round on the Brevard County Beaches and October is the month that says it all.

Surf Fishing Tournament:

The surf and paddle anglers 2nd Annual Space Coast International Surf Fishing Tournament ended on a high note 19 October at the International Palms Resort in Cocoa Beach. We had a number of winners and all who entered got their money’s worth and more. This year’s workshops were a great addition with twelve (12) guest speakers providing solid instruction on kayak and surf angling skills. Perhaps will see you next year when the 3rd annual kicks off?

Ok it’s November and what are we going to do until Thanksgiving Day and the football games. Well as Horace Greeley said “go east young man” or was that west? With 72 miles of Brevard County Coastline, I suggest we go surf fishing. Yes, the opportunities to catch fish in the surf are still there for the surf angler. I expect to be targeting bluefish, Spanish mackerel, whiting, sheepshead, pompano and drum during November. Standard baits include clams and shrimp which will catch just about anything. However, for the pompano the best bait is live sand fleas and the best bait for blues is live or chunked finger mullet.

At this point a quick review might be in order for the new shore anglers: tackle shops have information on where the bite is happening, free tide charts and sell the baits of choice: clams, shrimp, sand fleas, and finger mullet. Tides and weather play an important part in planning a fishing trip. I prefer raising tides and light winds which is why I tend to fish earlier in the day and on my preferred tide as much as possible. So a little preplanning is worthwhile and weather stations will give you the forecast. Clams and shrimp are always good, add the right rod, reel, rigs, weights and you’re good to go. Problems with above feel free to call or email and I will be happy to discuss.

See you on the Beach