Surf Fishing Report: Sept. 2015

My Son Adam with one of his first snook, caught on the Brevard County, South Beaches.
My Son Adam with one of his first snook, caught on the Brevard County, South Beaches.

September marks an important time of the year for me with a number of special events happening. Starting with Adams birthday and followed by the opening of snook season and the fall mullet run.

I am hoping that the mullet run will be upon us as you read this report. As the run continues there will be snook, reds, sharks and other predator’s right at your feet. You should expect good beaches here on the Space Coast. When the mullet run starts or how long it will last are all variables. What does seem to be a constant is the bait run starts each year sometime between mid-August and September and that’s the best time to target the big fish in the trough. The mullet run right next to the shoreline and every predator I can think of will be waiting for an easy meal. The bait is so close to shore you can see them in the catches on live mullet during their run. “The Bait Run” Finger mullet by the thousands will be swimming south along our beaches looking for warmer water. Why? In my experience, this migration usually starts when the water temperature of the Northeast coast drops below 70 degrees. At that point the mullet decide in mass to go to the Florida Keys for the winter season. To get there the mullet have to swing right by our front doors along our waves as the sun rises. Cast net a few for your bucket and you are ready to go! There are a number of way to fish live mullet. One way which is fairly standard is using a 6/8 foot rod with 20lb. test tied to a swivel followed by 10-12 inches of 30/40lb. leader material and followed by a 3/0 to 5/0 circle or J hook. You can either free line the mullet or place a sliding weight just above the swivel to pin the bait to the bottom as surf conditions dictate.

Additionally, this is also a great time for anglers who like use top water lures and fly fishing gear as all the action is close to shore.