The Offshore Report – MAY Forecast By Capt. Will Adams

Offshore is really firing right now with high numbers of quality bottom fish such as Vermilion, trigger, porgies, pink snapper, and of course red snapper.

Bait is starting to show in the creeks; finger mullet and everything else that’s legal is always candy, and the extra time spent catching your own is worth the trouble.

Regardless of how much bait I’m able to catch, always bring squid. My go-to spot is Haddrell‘s. They always have bait and it’s always fresh.

Cobia are starting to show in the 90’ range. The water temperature is increasing rapidly so it won’t be long until the dolphins start showing up in large schools.

So far this season the bite has been fair/good with wahoo. I’ve caught a few in the 60lb range trolling with ballyhoo in 150’ to 180’.

Be on the lookout for sargasm grass while trolling, that’s where I’ve had the best luck.

Trolling at 7 knots and using the famous Wahoo Wacker (pink and white or red and black) is the winning combination right now.

Sheepshead are still holding strong and with great size using clams/oysters, and my favorite, the China back. All the nearshore reefs are swimming with them right now.

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Use your sonar to find the bigger fish and then you just need to clear the aggressive black bass to start loading up on the convicts.

My biggest regret lately has been not bringing enough bait, so be sure to bring plenty, you’re going to need it!

A key tip: once you’re positioned and anchored, put out a rod with live bait behind the boat. I prefer Menhaden but a good 5” mullet is hard for them to pass up!

Grouper season is quickly approaching and it’s one of my most popular target species.

Next month I’ll go over the best ways to find and catch them successfully in 65’ to 120’ using live bait.


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