The Waller Report for August

September is already here and the summer season is over until next year. This is one of the best times of the year to go fishing. The searing heat is easing up and the creeks are full of shrimp and mullet.

Inshore we’re still loaded with all sorts of fish. We work docks and structures on low water and creek mouths and covered oyster beds on high water for our best results. Live shrimp will catch everything so make sure you have plenty of it.

Use finger mullet for larger trout and reds, shrimp will get you more numbers but mullet will usually get you nicer fish. Fiddlers are still the bait of choice for sheepshead and the rivers are still active with sharks until the middle of October.

We will also start catching large redfish in the rivers as the waters start to cool off. Cut bait works well such as mullet, ladyfish, and pinfish. The nearshore reefs are also a great way to spend a day catching fish.

The black sea bass are always around and there is nothing except a bare hook you can put down they will not eat and even then, I have caught them on nothing.


Shrimp, crab, fish or plastics will all work on black sea bass. We usually try different baits to see what is working on a particular day. Cut bait on a big rod will catch some sharks and big reds. Do not be afraid to try different lures or plastics to see what works better than others, You may discover a new combination that works really well.

Capt. Michael Waller

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