Topwater Kayak Fishing

2-kayak fishing (2)

It’s still summer time, and the folks in the fish catching community have been throwing topwater for trout and redfish for months now. I had my first topwater explosions in mid-April this year and that’s about right on time along the Emerald Coast and Forgotten Coast.

Topwater kayak fishing here is as good as it gets, but summer time is extra special. It was not until a recent kayak fishing trip, I renewed my extreme desire to embrace summer and the topwater game. And like any junkie, my bones ache for spring and the first topwater action of the season. I truly enjoy every crash and explosion, and appreciate every fish for playing my game. I think they must share my passion, but from the other side of the surface. Now add some summer heat, and my blood boils with the thought of calm slick summer mornings, and a topwater walking back to my kayak. Just knowing that the calmness of the water is about to be wrecked by a hungry predator that just could not stand that click-click-click sound! Every cast, I am saying, “there is no way that one makes it back to my boat!” Every cast is anticipation of a monstrous explosion! Will I see the redfish attack with half of its body out of the water, or will it be that monster trout that only attacks from below. There is no better game for summer entertainment, I promise!

2-kayak fishing (1)

Now that the stage has been set, and if you’re not throwing topwater yet, start tomorrow! Head to your local tackle shop and buy a nice selection of lures. Color is cool, but sound is better. A mixture of different sounds will prove to be productive for you. Pick a few up, shake them and listen, just watch the hooks. The sound will sell the bite, I promise. Take your lures to the water and get to casting. Remember these are walk-the-dog style baits. I have no idea how that name came about, but I will continue the idea. Truth be told, I do not see the dog, but instead, a simple zig-zag pattern. Slow is key, and zig-zag is a must. The zig and the zag produce the sound that produces the explosion. Practice makes perfect! Always use a short piece of fluorocarbon attached to your topwater, and braided line will make your cast fly. Let your lure crash the water, hesitate, and twitch. Walk back, and repeat until BAM! Now, this is no time for quick hook sets. Loose drags will catch more fish. Let them have it, before setting the hook. If they miss, let it sit and twitch. Repeat, until an explosion occurs! This is a “tease them” until they just can’t take it any longer game.

In my box is a mix of Heddon One Knockers, MirrOlure Top Dog Jrs, and Skitterwalks. Mostly in white and bone, but if you walk them correctly, color means less. Kayaks, topwater, and summertime! Get out early or go late! ENJOY.