Towing & Trailer Well Being

As summer winds down and fall begins, its time to consider your towing & trailers well being.

The only purpose our trailers serve in most cases, is to get our equipment to the job sight, our families to the campsites, boats to the water, etc.

Trailers need to be maintained. Maintenance varies of course. I like to take the “front to back” and “top to bottom” approach.

This approach, I find gives the best results because it prioritizes.

The most important, the “front”, includes the coupler which is the connection to the tow vehicle’s hitch, the safety chains or cables and the electrical plug.

All components should be inspected before each use and electric brakes if it applies. There are other aspects related to the electrical system that usually require professional attention.

We can touch on those items later. The trailer’s suspension represents the “bottom” on our list.
Tires and wheels need constant attention.

Check tire for correct air pressure and irregular wear and wheels for excessive corrosion or damage.

Also included are the suspension components. Leaf spring suspensions require special attention due to the variety of components. The hubs and bearings as well need constant attention.

Just try to remember that your trailer, no matter the use, is an extension of your tow vehicle, and just like your tow vehicle require specific maintenance, it’s all about your towing & trailer well being.

Tow Safely,

Steve Corbin

Corbin’s Hitch Shop 843-747-3400


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