Unpredictable Weather, Anyone?

Even if you’re not a ravenous fisherman, like most readers of this magazine, you’ll agree, it’s been a strange weather year.

Not only this year but the last few have been odd to me, sixty five degrees and sunny one day a Seattle gloomy thirty degrees the next.

It seems bleak to anglers…what do we do? Where do we fish? What are the fish doing? The answer is exactly what the fish are doing! Adapt.

Adapt, improve, and conquer: this is your new mantra. I know it’s not just me, but I’d rather fish in the wind and bad weather that not fish at all.

Rule number one, Go Fishing anyway

If I stay home I will end up painting the bathroom or some other “honey-do” I don’t really “wanna-do”.

Rule number one, Go Fishing anyway. Obviously if the wind and waves aren’t safe for your vessel, don’t go….knock out that bathroom.

If it’s just a little rain and “uncomfortable” winds- saddle up, you might find something.

Honestly, one of the best days I’ve ever had during a S.C. high tide for reds was with a longtime friend, Elbridge.

The forecast, even from our firsthand look from the ramp, was bleak. The wind was terrible and the whitecaps made it questionable.

It was a short run and we decided to wade so we’d both have shots. Even in the ankle deep flats the water was churned, muddy, and miserable. I will say, however, the fish were everywhere!

We were not sure if it was the waves breaking up their profiles to predator’s overhead that made them so reckless, or the crabs being disturbed and unearthed, but it was a sight.

Even better yet was the fact that the fish would eat every fly they saw with total aggression. Several times they ate at our feet.

File a float plan with someone ashore – We want you around

I will never forget that day and remember it when I hear the weatherman’s “forecast.”

Some considerations: you should be very vigilant to file a float plan with someone ashore. We want you around and they will know when you’ll return and what general area your fishing.

This is especially important when the weathers bad but a very good practice anytime.
Finally, rain gear, TP and a small tarp all in a dry bag- trust me.


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