Get Serious with Wacky Rigs for Spring Time Bass

During the Pre-Spawn and Spawn season a Wacky Rig can be a useful option for fishing a variety of depths to locate scattered, suspended, or bedding fish.

While some anglers have adopted the Wacky Rig as a permanent staple in their tackle box, others may not be as familiar with this versatile bait.

While many variations exist, most will argue that a 5” salt impregnated Senko (stick style) soft plastic worm hooked perpendicularly through the body is the classic set up.

The light bait is often fished with spinning gear spooled with 6-12lb monofilament or fluorocarbon line.

Braided line can also be used but the clearer lines can assist in the subtle presentation and help trigger a wary bite.

In recent years wacky rig specific weedless hooks and wacky rig weights have also gained in popularity.

A popular rigging technique is to cross two O-rings and allow the hook to pass underneath the cross.

This allows the hook to remain in the perpendicular position and allow the worm to flutter freely when retrieved.

A special O-ring install tool can be purchased but this tool can also be easily made at home using a re purposed permanent marker and a screw to hold the extra rings.

In either case, the tool slips over the plastic bait and allows the user to slide a stretched O-ring down and onto the center of the worm without damaging the soft plastic.

A weightless Senko, especially when aided with added salt, will slowly fall parallel to the bottom allowing maximum time to travel through every area of the strike zone.

Once the bait has hit bottom small ‘twitches’ will bring life to your lure with little change in position.

This allows anglers to focus on a specific depth or piece of cover.

Slowly raising your rod tip and allowing your bait to gently free fall again will help to elicit strikes.

The bite will normally occur on the decent, so it is very important to carefully monitor your line for erratic movements on the surface of the water.

When the fish takes the bait, apply sweeping steady pressure while reeling in any slack to ensure a quality hook set.

Sometimes even the most serious of anglers can get a little wacky.

This Spring season expand your skill sets and try this proven presentation to coax finicky bass to bite.

Jim Morrissey | President – Chucktown Kayak Bassin’
CKB Angler of the Year 2018
Co-Founder of Yak-Bassin’ –

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