Western Sound July 2015

Although the fishing season got off to a slow start, it has picked up quickly with reports of some trophy Stripers caught in our area; Fluke and Porgies have settled in the Western Sound waters and many anglers are catching their limits. Bluefish have also invaded and are doing their best to keep everyone happy. The Bluefish is one of the hardest fighting fish in our area, always testing your tackle and angling skills. If you want to save some for the table, make sure you bleed them out, get them on ice right away and eat them the same day. If you want to try something different, smoke them and make a Bluefish Pate’; it’s great over crackers, served with a cold beer!

Many of the towns on the water will have fireworks on July 4 and seeing them from a boat can be lots of fun for the whole family. The Macy’s fireworks show will be in the East River this year after five years of being over on the Hudson River. It will take place near the Brooklyn Bridge, starting at 9PM. It gets crowded, so be prepared for heavy boat traffic. There will also be a fireworks show by Grucci in Hempstead Harbor on July 3 and New Rochelle will host the annual “Spark the Sound” fireworks show by Grucci on July 4 starting at 9:30 PM. Everyone likes to celebrate the 4th of July with their favorite beverages, but someone has to drive the boat and be responsible! Local law enforcement will be present at these events to provide assistance and guidance where necessary. Be careful, use common sense, and take the appropriate cautions to keep your family, friends and everyone around you safe.

July also brings warm water into the Western Sound, be on the lookout for exotic species in our waters. Three Beluga Whales were seen in Manhasset Bay, Oyster Bay and Huntington in early June and were a spectacular sight to witness. These whales were in no distress as they were feeding and seemed to be having a great time here. It was an unusual and rare occurrence for the Western Sound. Be on the lookout for porpoises and maybe even some seals also.

The warm water will mean night fishing for Striped Bass or finding some deep spots in the Sound if you want to fish during the day. Porgies are great bait for Stripers; just make sure you use legal size fish as bait. The Bluefish will be on the Bunker schools and can be chunked or caught with plugs; wire line leaders are advised to save your tackle. Handle these fish with care to save body parts; their teeth can sever a finger in one bite!

Fluke fishing should also turn on in July; concentrate on points and drop-offs where bait accumulates to find these great eating flatfish. I like to Bucktail for Fluke, using a light spinning outfit; when you hook a fish, mark it on your fish finder (sonar) and repeat drifts over this area to increase your catch. Shiners, Killies, Fluke strips and Squid strips are great baits but many Gulp products will work just as well; their 4” grub tails in white or chartreuse have caught many trophy size Fluke. Make sure you net these fish as you will lose many dinners if you try to lift them in the boat without one. Just drop your Bucktail to the bottom and bounce it as you drift; you’re trying to mimic a live fish, Fluke are predators and like moving bait. Big Fluke like deep water and can be found in rocky areas or around wrecks, so experiment, watch your sonar, find new areas, think a little and you might get rewarded the Fluke of your dreams.

Porgies are great fun for all, especially youngsters whose attention span is short. Make sure you bring plenty of frozen clam chum logs and a chum pot; this will help keep the Porgies around your boat. Clam strips are great bait and light tackle will give everyone plenty of action as Porgies put up a great fight for their size. If you’re not sure where to go; ask your local bait shop, they will give you great information and have everything you need to have a great day.

The Moonlight Lady is a 29’ Dyer custom bass boat and will be available for Charters for whatever we can catch. If you want a chance to catch some nice fish and have some fun, or have a comment or suggestion about Coastal Angler Magazine; you can reach me at capttommykampa@gmail.com.

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Have a great 4th of July and stay safe!