Port Canaveral Fishing Forecasts: April 2013

Cobia Could be a good possibility for boaters outside of the Port this month. Look for cobia holding around bait pods, following manta rays, or just free swimming along the surface in the 25 to 65-foot depths. Brightly colored cobia jigs are the most popular lures to use when targeting cobia. Tip these with various plastic eels or worm trailers to give them added attraction. Anglers can also use Rapala Subwalk 15 or Glidin’ Rap suspending plugs. These types of lures tend to work best around bait pods or when the cobia are following manta rays. I like to use the “olive green” or “clown” colored Subwalks, and the “pearl” and “silver flash” colored Glidin’ Raps. Live Jumbo shrimp and live eels are two good bait choices that can be cast to cobia that are acting a little fussy. Live menhaden or pinfish are other good offering for this species. Anglers may find Tripletail hanging around the near-shore waters outside Port Canaveral this month. Look for them holding on floating Sargasso weeds and other types of floating debris. These fish usually strike live shrimp that are rigged with very little or no weight on the line and are very hard fighting fish once hooked. The great tasting filets are another benefit to landing a tripletail.