Port Canaveral

Captain Jim Ross It’s anyone’s guess as to what the weather will be like this month, but if it follows … Feb 1st, 2017

Port Canaveral – Tripletail Fishing

By Capt. Jim Ross We could have another banner January of tripletail fishing in our near-shore waters just outside of … Jan 22nd, 2017

Port Canaveral Forecast: Nov. 2015

Depending on the water temperatures in the month of November the bite outside of Port Canaveral can either be fantastic … Nov 17th, 2015

Port Canaveral Fishing Report: October 2015

October is a great month to fish inside and outside of Port Canaveral. The Fall mullet run is in full swing along the beaches outside of the Port so anglers can target Bluefish, Redfish, Snook, Tarpon, Tripletail, Jacks, and Flounder Just to name a few. These species will be following the schools of mullet southward along the beaches as they head for their wintering grounds to our south. Look for baitfish “showering” as they run from these predators when the action heats up in the surf zone. Oct 1st, 2015

Port Canaveral Report: Sept. 2015

Anglers are looking forward to the changes that will come about during the month of September. This is when the … Sep 10th, 2015

Port Canaveral Fishing Report: August 2015

M angrove snapper are holding around the rock jetties and piers around the Port Canaveral turning basins. Live pilchards, shrimp, … Aug 1st, 2015

Port Canaveral Report: July 2015

A mixed bag of species is available to anglers fishing the waters outside of the Port his month. Barracuda, shark, … Jul 2nd, 2015

Port Canaveral Fishing Report: June 2015

The waters outside of the Port should continue to hold decent numbers of bonito, tarpon, shark, and jack crevalle, plus anglers should see an increase in the number of king mackerel this month. The kings won’t totally abandon the offshore reefs that they have been holding on for the past few months, but we will see a significant increase in the numbers of fish that will start moving into the 20 to 40- foot depths and join the other species that have been here for a while. Anglers will need to start thinking about running wire stinger rigs for the king mackerel. There will be a few fish caught on mono or fluorocarbon “tarpon” style rigs, but the number of cut offs from the mackerel teeth will usually have most anglers switching to wire to avoid this from happening. Jun 1st, 2015

Port Canaveral Fishing Report: April 2015

Cobia may still be a good possibility around the Canaveral waters this month. The run as of mid-March had been … Mar 29th, 2015

Port Canaveral Fishing Report: February 2015

The fishing in and around the Port area will be very dependent on the water temperatures this month. If we have a typical winter- anglers can expect weakfish, pompano, whiting, and sheepshead to provide them with some action. These species will provide a good variety of quality eating fillets in exchange for soaking a piece of shrimp on the bottom of the various port basins. The pompano and whiting are likely to strike small jigs tipped with shrimp in the surf zones or along the deeper drop offs between the entrance of the port and the middle basin area. The sheepshead are fond of structure and will be around dock pilings and rocks throughout the port. Small pieces of shrimp or small crabs and sand fleas are their favorite things to munch on. Put these on a short shank heavy wire hook so you have a chance at pulling these tough fighting fish away from the structures that they call home. Weakfish are a visitor to the Canaveral area each winter and the main shipping channel is one place that anglers can target them. These fish look like speckled trout but have dashes instead of spots on their sides. They prefer to suspend 5 to 10 feet above the bottom on most days and live shrimp or soft plastic jig tails can be very effective offerings when they are schooling in the channel area. These fish tend to group in better numbers if we get an exceptionally cold winter, but they can be found on most days in February no matter what type of winter we have. If this winter is warmer than usual anglers could find tripletail near floating debris or buoys in the area known as the Bight.Feb 1st, 2015
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