Canaveral Offshore Fishing Forecast: August 2013

After July’s inconsistent fishing, I’m not sure exactly what to say. The thermal cline seemed to come and go daily. We saw 8/9-degree daily temperature changes along with a mix of both clean and funky colored water. It made it a tough month. Jul 26th, 2013
Photo of Darren Clarke and his catch of the day, a nice bonefish.

July 21 Inshore/Offshore Report

Tarpon have started showing up on the beach in pretty good numbers this past week. While King Mackerel have been absent lately, they seem to have finally returned to this part of the world. A little further offshore, Dolphin are starting to show up.Jul 23rd, 2013

Port Canaveral Fishing Forecast: July 2013

he near shore waters should continue to prove a productive place for anglers this month. Live menhaden free lined with a 5/0 to 8/0 circle hook in their nose usually works for tarpon on most days. Attach this to a 60 to 80 pound test Sufix Fluorocarbon leader and 20 to 40 pound test main line and your in business. Drift or slow troll this rig in the 20 to 40-foot depths just off the beach and you should get hook up to a 75 to 150 pound silver king in no time.Jul 1st, 2013

Port Canaveral Fishing Forecast: June 2013

Anglers fishing the Ports basins at night should find snook lurking in the shadows created from the piers and docks. These fish can often be a little picky about what they will strike in the day time, but can become very willing to hit a suspending or diving plug that is worked in an enticing fashion around the mentioned structures at night.May 31st, 2013

Port Canaveral Fishing Forecast: May 2013

If the weed and debris lines that were prevalent in April continue into the May time frame, Port Canaveral anglers … Apr 29th, 2013

Port Canaveral Fishing Forecasts: April 2013

Cobia Could be a good possibility for boaters outside of the Port this month. Look for cobia holding around bait … Apr 2nd, 2013

Port Canaveral Fishing Forecast

This is the month that we all start getting ready for cobia. Their annual spring migration usually begins around the … Feb 27th, 2013

Port Canaveral Fishing Forecast: Feb 2013

If the weather continues to be mild like it was last month we should continue to find good numbers of … Feb 20th, 2013

Port Canaveral Fishing Forecast

Sheepshead are the hot ticket for patient anglers fishing inside the Port during the Month of January. Expect your live … Jan 20th, 2013

Port Canaveral Fishing Forecast: November

The fall mullet run has been fantastic so far this year and hopefully this month we will continue to have … Oct 29th, 2012