Port Canaveral Fishing Report: December 2014

The dock pilings, rocky edges and rock jetties within the confines of Port Canaveral usually become havens for sheepshead this month. Anglers using small live crabs- that are usually readily available at local tackle shops- will have the best chances of landing a quality stringer of these tasty fish. Rigged on a small stout short-shank hook these baits are irresistible to the sheepshead on most days. As a general rule the rougher the weather conditions, the better the sheepshead tend to bite. Other species that should be available should include flounder, jack, weakfish, pompano, and whiting. Most of these other fish species will hit live or cut shrimp. Outside of the Port, water temperatures are going to dictate what species will be available this month. If the water temps stay on the warm side (68-72 degrees) anglers should expect cobia, redfish, shark, and tripletail to all be potential catches, especially around pogie pods. If the temps dip below the 68 degree mark, then bluefish, weakfish, whiting and possibly tripletail will be the most likely catches anglers can expect to find.Dec 1st, 2014

Canaveral Inshore/Nearshore Fishing Forecast: Sept. 2014

Snook season will reopen this month and fishing in the Port Canaveral area may be a hot spot for anglers looking to hook one of these prized gamefish. The deep basins inside the Port often hold schools of snook. Aug 25th, 2014

Canaveral Inshore Fishing Report: August 2014

Mangrove snapper are holding around the rocks and piers within the Ports’ basins. Live pilchards, shrimp, mud minnows or fingerling mullet rigged on a 1/8 to1/2 ounce (depending on water depth of the structure you’re fishing) HookUp style jig head or VMC 1/0 to 2/0 circle hook should get you into the game.Jul 30th, 2014

Port Canaveral Fishing Report: July 2014

Anglers are hoping that Cape Canaveral fishing will be as hot as the weather this month along the beaches outside of the Port. July is usually a month where “the bite” is determined by the availability of bait on most days. Anglers will be looking for pods of pogies, greenies, pilchards, and glass minnows because these are the food source for the predators they are seeking. Jun 28th, 2014

Canaveral Inshore Fishing Report: June 2014

It’s tarpon time!!! Get your arms ready and your back in shape, because you’re going to have to do some serious pulling to land one of these giant silver fish.Jun 1st, 2014

Port Canaveral Fishing Report: April 2014

Anglers will still be on the hunt for cobia this month along the near-shore waters outside of the Port. Some decent sized fish came to the docks last month and even though we’re in the last stages of the spring run this month we are expecting to have decent fishing for them as long as the bait pods of pogies, sardines, and greenies remain along this portion of the coast. The average cobia has been in the 25 to 30 pound range which is a great size for light tackle enthusiasts using 15-20 pound class gear. All the usual luMar 24th, 2014

Port Canaveral Inshore Forecast: March 2014

Cobia should be the main species on every anglers mind if the weather conditions cooperate this month.Feb 24th, 2014

Quick Canaveral Update

Last few days on the water were absolutely beautiful. Take advantage and get out there. Large schools of reds have … Feb 2nd, 2014

Canaveral Inshore Forecast: Jan 2014

Anglers fishing outside of Port Canaveral this month are hoping for a repeat of the conditions, water temperatures, and aggressive tripletail bite that they had in December. Dec 27th, 2013

Port trips at the Cape

I know its been pretty rough lately. If you still want to catch fish, get some live shrimp and work … Dec 26th, 2013