Cape Canaveral nearshore

Nearshore Canaveral has been pretty good lately, considering the winds and fronts we had coming through its still good. If … Dec 18th, 2013

Canaveral Inshore Forecast: Dec 2013

Flounder begin to show up in pretty good numbers along sandy drop-offs throughout the Ports basins. Small baitfish and shrimp rigged on a jig head or sliding sinker rig are top producers for these tasty fish. Nov 25th, 2013


If you cant go out may as well stay close. Sharks are chewing still. Use live or chuncked bluefish on … Nov 21st, 2013

Port Canaveral Report: Nov. 2013

Angler Should continue to find schools of baitfish such as mullet, pilchards, and pogies working along the near-shore waters and along the surf zone of local area beaches. These baitfish will bring a host of predators along with them. Spanish Mackerel, bluefish, redfish, pompano, black drum, snook, and flounder are possible catches for anglers fishing from boats and from the shore when these schools of baitfish are present.Oct 25th, 2013

Port Canaveral Fishing Forecast: Oct 2013

This is the month every light-tackle saltwater angler has been waiting for all year long. Just about every near-shore species that swims in the Atlantic Ocean will be a possible catch within 5 miles of the beaches.Sep 26th, 2013

Beach Fishing

Give the beach a chance! This was from last week. Use pogies in 25/30 feet of water and work the … Sep 2nd, 2013

Canaveral Fishing Forecast: Sept 2013

The fall mullet run should start around the first week of the month in conjunction with the new moon that is due on the 5th. This should get the mullet moving along the beaches and holding near troughs by the tip of Cape Canaveral and also near the jetties at the entrance of the Port. Aug 26th, 2013

Brevard Inshore/Offshore Fishing Report

Offshore & Nearshore Fishing: Anglers that got out over the weekend did very well. This includes the Pelican Flats, the … Aug 8th, 2013

Brevard County Fishing Report

It was a flat calm day out on the Lagoons on Tuesday. The Mosquito, Banana River, and Indian River were all glass. Top water plugs with minimal rattle are performing very well. Small prop baits worked very slowly tend to be working well. Both of these are working well in the shallower flats.Aug 1st, 2013

Port Canaveral Fishing Forecast: August 2013

A variety of species are available to anglers fishing the Atlantic Ocean outside of the Port Canaveral area this month. Flounder will strike finger mullet and mud minnows rigged on sliding sinker rigs or HookUp jig heads near wrecks and buoys. Bluefish, jack, and mangrove snapper are other species that anglers will find near these structures. Jul 27th, 2013
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