Sebastian Offshore Forecast: Nov. 2015

The month of October was a wild and dirty ride for most of us who ventured out. The weather was … Nov 17th, 2015

Sebastian Offshore Fishing Report: October 2015

Kingfish, that’s what I am talking about! This is the time of year for the kings to be moving in close to shore for the bait fish in the water. It’s time to get the stinger rigs ready and plenty of wire leaders. Make sure your reels have plenty of line on them, if not, replace it because you never can tell when that 60lb king is going to take the bait. Oct 2nd, 2015

Sebastian Offshore Report: Sept. 2015

Well summer is gone and so are the summer fish, just like the kids they are back in school. If … Sep 10th, 2015

Sebastian Offshore Fishing Report: August 2015

Kingfish will be moving in closer to shore and that will help the person with the smaller boat. Remember to … Aug 1st, 2015

Sebastian Offshore Report: July 2015

Well summer is here and the weather is getting hot. The one thing on everyone’s minds RED SNAPPER. If you … Jul 2nd, 2015

Sebastian Offshore Fishing Report: June 2015

Well it’s SUMMER TIME and the fish are very active. The seas are calming down and the weather is getting warmer. As I am writing this I am having a yellowtail snapper sandwich. Oh so good.Jun 1st, 2015

Sebastian Offshore Forecast: May 2015

Well April did bring the showers so if you were able to get out great. Let us hope that the … May 1st, 2015

Sebastian Inlet Offshore Fishing Report: April 2015

Well let’s see what I can talk about, I know FISHING. As I am writing this the winds are blowing … Mar 29th, 2015

Sebastian Offshore Fishing Report: January 2014

Happy New Year, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, with that behind us its back to fishing.Dec 30th, 2014

Sebastian Offshore Fishing Report: December 2014

The month of November was just plain terrible for fishing offshore. The wind was crazy the seas were rough and the water was just dirty. If you did venture out you had to go to deep water to find anything. The mullet run is just about done but a few schools are around. This is the time of year when we will be looking to bottom fish for the last few fish that are still legal to keep, don’t get me wrong we can still get in some great fishing and rod bending fun. If you do go out start looking for fish around the 60-120ft depthDec 1st, 2014