Sebastian Offshore Fishing Report & Forecast: Sept 2014

Well summer is gone and so are the summer fish, just like the kids they are back in school. If you are heading out to go fishing during the week day remember to add some extra time as the school buses will be out. I look for the waters to start cooling off a few degrees and that should bring the migrating fish back south. Aug 25th, 2014

Sebastian Offshore Fishing Report: August 2014

Well the RED SNAPPER season has come and gone, I hope you all got great catches. I must say I had a blast being able to fish for them and keep a few. The numbers were quite good, in one day I saw several fish in the twenty plus pound range. Well its over for this year but lets hope they will give us longer periods next year. I hope that many were tagged and released.Jul 30th, 2014

Sebastian Offshore Fishing Report: July 2014

Well summer is here and the weather is getting hot. The one thing on everyone’s mind RED SNAPPER! If you haven’t heard we will be able to fish the elusive creature. The open season for them is as follows, July 11-13, July 18-20 and July 25 & 26.Jun 28th, 2014

Sebastian Inlet Offshore Fishing Report: June 2014

I can only ask one question, how was the grouper sandwich?Jun 1st, 2014

Sebastian Area Fishing Report: May 1, 2014

We have had another long winter and the winds are still blowing at the end of April. May 1st, 2014

Sebastian Inlet Offshore Fishing Report: May 2014

Well April did bring the showers so if you were able to get out great. Let’s hope the WINDS start moving away so we can take advantage of the great fishing our waters have to offer. The cobia are still around and should be showing up on the wrecks and ledges so be prepared to have a pitch bait ready when the nosey bomber shows up. The weather is getting better and the water temperature is starting to rise. When I wrote this, the water temperature went up five degrees in one week which is great for other fish to move in. May 1st, 2014

Sebastian Offshore Forecast: April 2014

The bottom fishing was good if you were able to get out. Plenty of triggerfish were taken. I went out several times and had great luck, we caught several grouper and Red snapper.Mar 25th, 2014

Sebastian Inlet Offshore Fishing Forecast: March 2014

Well let's see what I can talk about, I know FISHING. As I am writing this the winds are blowing hard and the seas are rough. Feb 25th, 2014

Sebastian Inlet Offshore Fishing Report

Well we all survived January with the cold and WINDY weather. Hope the winds will calm done and we can get back to fishing offshore.Feb 2nd, 2014

Sebastian Offshore Forecast: January 2014

Kingfish, sailfish, and wahoo, that’s what we need to talk about! This is the time of year for these fish to be moving around a lot looking for the bait fish in the water. Dec 27th, 2013