Char-Grilled Oysters

Spring is finally here! Here is a quick appetizer that anyone can achieve.

This month we are making char-grilled oysters with Pecorino and Parmesan cheese and garlic shallot butter. This is a great appetizer that can be made ahead of time and only takes a few minutes to cook.

Ingredients for Garlic shallot Butter:

½ Butter- softened
1 T Garlic- minced
1 small Shallot- minced
1 small bunch Parsley- chopped
1 T Lemon Juice
2 T White Wine
Salt & Pepper- To Taste

Other Ingredients:

Oysters- whichever quantity you plan on eating
1 cup Parmesan cheese- shredded
1 cup Pecorino Cheese- shredded
2 Lemons- wedged
1 bunch Chives- chopped

Method of Preparation for the Butter:

1. Get the softened butter and add all the ingredients together in a bowl.
2. Mix well and set aside

Method of Preparation for the Oysters:

1. I suggest finding larger oyster for this dish. Your local seafood purveyor should carry them.
2. Rinse your live oysters in cold water getting what sand and dirt off of the outer shell
3. Shuck the oyster and leave the adductor muscle attached (this is the muscle that connects the oyster to the shell). We do this so that the oyster doesn’t slide out of the shell while prepping or cooking the oyster
4. Set them all on a pan once you shuck them and do your best not to get any shell fragments in the oysters
5. Top each oyster with about a teaspoon (more if you desire) of the garlic butter
6. Add both cheeses to the oyster. If you cant find Pecorino use more Parmesan
7. Once assembled put in the fridge until you are ready to cook them
8. To cook them fire up your grill on high, or if you have charcoal same way. Put the oysters on the grates and cook until the cheese is bubbly. They cook in about 3-5 minutes. Be cautious of flare-ups.

Finish with cut chives and fresh lemon juice. Enjoy!


– Chef Kyle Kryske is a native of Pascagoula, MS. He is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University & has resided in Charleston for 15 years. He has been cooking in restaurants for 18 years. working in MS, AK, NC, and SC. and is Chef de Cuisine at The Royal Tern Restaurant on Johns Island, SC.


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