Finding a Reel Deal for Christmas

It’s Christmas time once again, and we are all looking forward to the holidays, and when it comes to Christmas, a lot of anglers look forward to buying themselves some new gear.

I, myself, enjoy a lot of different brand-name fishing equipment. After all, you have well known brands like Shimano, Quantum, Pflueger, Daiwa, Penn and more.

All of these companies have a few fantastic fishing reels with great features, and I love to test and use all of them.

Personally, I do not care which popular company they are if they have a bad reel design, they have a bad reel design, and if they have a great reel design, they have a great reel design.

It seems to vary by different models each company puts out regardless of their prices. But, for this holiday season, I have to share one of my discoveries. There is a new kid on the block, and the company’s name is Cadence.

Cadence sells fishing reels and rods, and their gear can only be found online. They sell directly to the consumer, removing the middle man, so they can maintain a low cost and sell higher-end products for the price.

This is not the only thing that caught my attention with their company. The second was their motto—Go fishing give back. I was curious—what do they mean by this statement?

I firmly believe in the future of our next generation of fishermen and passing down the wonderful sport of fishing to them.

Their website says, “With every Cadence purchase, we promise to put youth combos in the hands of our next generation through one of our charity partners.”

This touched me. After all, I firmly believe in the future of our next generation of fishermen and passing down the wonderful sport of fishing to them.

Looking into it closer, I discovered that the company had donated hundreds of children’s fishing reel and rod combos to their charity partners to aid children with special needs and disadvantages to experience the sport of fishing.

I found this to be perfect. Now I needed to test their equipment, so I obtained a couple of rod and reel combinations from Cadence—their CS10 series reels and CR7 rods, and believe me, when I look over reels, I go all the way.

I completely disassemble the reel and look over all its components. I would not recommend this for the novice, but I have been doing this for years.

I reviewed the materials used for the gears, main shaft, bearings, bushings, what type of lubricant, and one of the things that is crucial to the quality of a reel is the placement of these components, especially the bearings.

The CS10 series reel has 11 corrosion-resistant bearings, and they are all placed in high-friction areas.

Reels that are going to be used for continuous, repetitive casting, like throwing artificial lures, are made light and need a lot of bearings to be able to handle the extreme conditions of repetitive rotation and opening of the bail and line movement, including heavy use of the drag system.

This is why Cadence incorporated a bearing in the drag system on this model reel. They also incorporated direct drive, which means the handle screws directly into the drive gear.

But after looking over these reels completely, I noticed that they even went a step further.

To reduce the weight and limit the amount of fatigue to the angler’s wrist and arm, they incorporated lightweight components, like a solid magnesium frame, carbon fiber handle, carbon rotor, carbon fiber drag system, and the comfort of an EVA knob.

All components found in some of the highest-priced reels on the market, but after looking over these reels completely, I noticed that they even went a step further.

The screw cap to cover the access to the drive gear is solid anodized aluminum. The decorative side plates are as well. I found this to be incredible for a reel that sells for just over half the price of its competitors’ reels of the same quality or less.

Now it came time to put them to the test.  I had taken their 1,000 size reel to North Carolina to fish for Trout in their fast-moving mountain streams and landed an abundance of Trout on this amazing reel.

I then used the same reel inshore in South Carolina targeting Spotted Seatrout.

It handled beautiful-sized Trout, some exceeding 18 inches, in fast water conditions flawlessly.  Its drag system with light, 4 to 6 pound test lines worked smoothly.

I then used the same reel inshore in South Carolina targeting Spotted Seatrout, some exceeding 20 inches. Again, it operated flawlessly, and after weeks of testing in the conditions of salt, I spotted no corrosion.

Of course, this also means I maintain my reels by washing them at the end of each day, but even then, in some models of reels, you will find heavy corrosion, but I have not with the Cadence model.

Next, I put into action their 4,000 size reel targeting Red Drum, and while catching Red Drum in sizes up to 34 inches,
I accidently hooked into an 80-pound Southern Stingray, the fight was on! I was only using 15-pound test line.

I thought to myself, well, if anything is going to test this reel, this is it! I battled the powerful Ray for 8 minutes and landed it!

The reel worked flawlessly, and may I add, Cadence’s CR7 rod accompanied the reel in its task and felt fantastic.

So, if you are interested, in trying one of these fantastic reels yourself, feel free to contact Cadence at, and not only have the opportunity to purchase some fantastic equipment for Christmas, but an opportunity to give back.

I hope this helps you with the Christmas season and your hunt for your holiday gear.
Like I always say, good luck out there and have fun fishing! To view some fishing adventures, go to my YouTube Channel “Fishing with Jiggin Jerry” or


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