Fishy Nurse Adventures ~ Its Finally Spring!

Finally its spring!!! With the teases of Spring that March gives, April is finally the weather we’ve been waiting for!

The fishing is a little harder because the bait game is changing up a little! We always hope that the wind lays down and the water warms up bringing the Mahi with it!

Spring time always gives you more of a chance to catch some bigger reds inshore and sometimes flounder. I will be curious to see how many flounder we catch this year.

I personally target them around a higher tide but a lot of people catch them by mistake…. however, this year will be interesting.

The southern flounder’s population keeps decreasing. I think gigging is soon going to be a hobby of the past or kept to frogs only.

Spring time always gives you more of a chance to catch some bigger reds

There’s a huge push to release flounder right now because their numbers are dwindling. I’m all for catch and release of the flatty’s.

They’re personally one of my favorite inshore fish to catch and eat but it will be awhile before I eat one again!

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DNR is hopefully changing things up to try and protect these fish more than ever before.

Last year we had noticed that we have been catching less and less flounder and North Carolina had changed their flounder size limits and laws.

Anglers can always choose to release and I hope more do!  If you’re interested more in the Flounder population check out @releaseover20 on Instagram or type release over 20 into your google search.

Some Pretty interesting stuff going on with flounder research between the Carolina’s and Georgia.

So let’s give them a chance!

Tight lines, Mandy.

Tight lines and thanks for reading my stories and adventures! – Mandy

Mandy Henderson is a night cardiac nurse in Charleston, on her days off she loves to fish as often as she can!  You can visit her on Instagram @onefishynurse 


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