Folly Beach Pier December Fishing Forecast

Historically at the Folly pier the winter winds and swell can make for a slightly churned up ocean.  This actually creates ideal conditions for drum and trout.

Sunrise with a moving tide is a pristine time to target those bottom-feeding surf fish.

When the ocean is calm, a 1 or 2-oz. sinker will suffice with a light to medium action rod no bigger than 7 ft. If the current picks up, increase the sinker an ounce or two.

The goal is to have just enough weight to rest on the sandy floor but not get caught in pier pilings or rock groins.

Just in case, a few yards of braid following the leader can help prevent severing your line on a sharp edge.

As for placement, cast anywhere directly behind where waves are breaking to about 50 yards past.

Many Drum, Trout, and Sheepshead feed in shallower surf at the Folly pier than one might expect.

Barrier islands tend to shift and move and so do their beaches. Keep an eye out for newly formed gullies, as they can be a great place for fish to feed.

Joey Crawford
Folly Beach Pier

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