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Charleston Freshwater Fishing | Chad Pennell | Holiday – Winter 2022

It’s the holiday season and the fish are biting! As we transition into the winter months,
the water quicky begins to cool down.

The “Fall Funk” (as we like to call it) ends, and the fishing improves. So, bundle up and hit the water!
Water level plays a large role on positioning fish on Santee Cooper during the winter months.

Typically, during this time of year the water is lowered, and Largemouth Bass tend pull out to cover in the 5-10ft range. Stumps, brush, and rock is the perfect structure for winter bass to congregate.

If the structure is located in depressions, even better! Imitating bait fish seems to work
best this time of year – Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, jerk baits, and lipless crankbaits are proven fish catchers. Also, don’t be afraid to venture to deeper depths.

The diversion canal and deeper ledges can hold plenty of quality fish as well. Jigging spoons, Bucktails, and large Crankbaits will get the job done out deep! The water is cold in December, but the striper fishing is hot!

The schooling action is explosive and topwater plugs can be a fun way to catch them! Look
for birds and wads of baitfish (herring, shad, or menhaden) to help you locate these groups
of stripers.

Once the school settles down grab a white bucktail, a spoon, or a swimbait. If live bait is your preference, drifting herring or shad right above these schools will put fish
in the boat.

Big catfish always seem to get landed this time of year! They can usually be found in depths
ranging from 10ft-40ft. There’s no wrong way to catch catfish in December.

Some anglers prefer to drift until they find the fish, others choose to graph until they locate catfish, then anchor.

My advice is to do what you enjoy and what method works best for you. Live bait works
really well, but cut herring, menhaden, and perch works well, too!

One of the most exciting things about this time of year is that you never know what you’ve
hooked into until the fish surfaces.

Bass, Stripers, Catfish, and Crappie can all be grouped together. During the winter they are all chasing and eating the baitfish – Getting fed and prepared for the spawn that is going to occur in the coming months.

December Tip: Dress warm and pack a change of clothes. I recommend overdressing! It’s
always 5-10 degrees cooler on the lake than at your house.

I always have a change of clothes on my boat, especially during the winter. If you fish long enough, you’re going to fall into the water.

One of the worst things that can happen, is for you to fall in the water and forced to wear cold, wet clothes all the way back to the ramp. In reality, it could save your life.

It’s something so simple that could prevent a nightmare – Please, bring a change of clothes.
We encourage you to enjoy your time on the water and when given the opportunity – take a
kid fishing.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than watching a child reel in a fish. Teach them
how to protect our natural resources and provide them with viable lessons that will impact
them forever! – Chad Pennell

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