A Game Changer

Movement is a key trigger for predatory animals and until recently, flies have lacked realistic movement.

Sure, the addition of rabbit and feathers creates a beautiful undulating action, but they seldom swam like real fish.

“Game changers” have evolved from more of an actual fly, and into a style of tying. Like a swim bait for the fly rod, the action has previously been un-achievable.

By tying on a series of “Fish Spines,” you can achieve a super realistic action that works at any retrieve speed.

Strip them slow and they shimmy seductively…strip them fast and they wiggle and shake like a paranoid prey item.

If you are ever fortunate enough to meet, or better yet take a class tying flies with Blane Chocklett, I highly recommend it

They also have greater bulk to them than many flies, allowing a fish’s lateral line to pick up the vibrations in darker water.

Even with the increased bulk they are easy to cast due to water shedding synthetics.

If you are ever fortunate enough to meet, or better yet take a tying class with Blane Chocklett, I highly recommend it.

Blane is one of the world’s best fly tiers and is tops when it comes to innovation.

Working with Charleston, SC based Flymen Fishing Company, he’s brought his flies to the mass market.

The series includes baitfish from 2.5 to 4.5” currently and will expand this spring to offer a smaller 1.5” version based on the Micro Spines a tiny shank system for small baitfish and trout flies.

Also, due to be released are the bugger changers (based on the iconic wooly bugger), as well as a tungsten weighted stonefly.

Bait fish, leeches, shrimp and crawfish, snakes and lizards, small mammals…there is an unlimited use for the platform.

If you’re a fly tier, they are very easy to tie but I’ll admit they take a while and getting them right takes practice, but most good flies do, right?

Available at Haddrell’s Point Tackle, locally and online at www.flymenfishingcompany.com

Scotty Davis

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