Grouper Season is Here

Charleston Offshore Fishing | Capt Will Adams | June 2021

Grouper season is upon us, you just need to know where to look this time of year.

Our waters haven’t warmed up as quickly this year as they have in the previous years, but the grouper are still there and ready to put up a good fight.

Gag grouper are still in that 120’-180’ depth range until the water temperature steadily rises over 75°, then they start moving in a little closer to shore, staying in the 70’ or deeper range.

Live bait-namely Menhaden-is what has always done the trick for me along with a hefty leader(120lb+) and 10-12 oz weight.

Your goal is to get that grouper up as quickly as you can

Your goal is to get that grouper up as quickly as you can once he’s on the line or you risk losing him when he burrows into the rocks.

Right after the question of how to catch them, my second most common question is: How do I cook them?

Right after you catch them place the filets in a plain old pan frying with a little butter and salt/pepper.

I personally love firing up the grill and heating up the old cast iron skillet with some olive oil and tossing the filets on there for a few minutes on each side depending on thickness.

I’ve recently discovered Coastal Badass Blackening Bark, let me tell you it’s a real game changer.

Coating each grouper filet with the blackening bark and letting them crisp up on high heat is the perfect way to enjoy your catch.

As a charter guide, fish eventually loses its appeal and this has me bringing home fish for my family after most of my charters again.

Check out for the best seasoning and tons of great recipes to go along with your fishing catches!

If you had luck I’d love to see how it worked out for you, find me on Facebook.

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