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Charleston Inshore / Offshore Fishing Tips | Captain Will Adams | May 2021


During the month of May water temperature is at a steady rise, the Vudu shrimp becomes more effective than in the winter months with flounder, trout, and redfish.

The Vudu shrimp has many colors- but my favorite are the chartreuse and 3.25. I also like natural, red pepper, mystic, Bluemoon, and green hornet.

Vudu also have a new 3.5 inch with a kangaroo like belly pocket designed to hold an internal rattle(rattle chamber). It can be removed if quiet presentation is preferred.

It also is a great place to add pro-cure. When using the Vudu, I always use 12 pound mono and not fluorocarbon because fluorocarbon has a heavier, more stout memory versus mono- the Vudu falls more natural when under the popping cork.

I use the Vudu cone popping cork with 4ft of 12lb leader mono. About every 10 casts I dab pro-cure shrimp onto its legs and hollow belly.

The Vudu corks are built from high density foam and are coated for durability. Bomber paradise extreme popping cork are great as well! Either one will get the job done.

During high tide Vudu shrimp will be most effective along grassy edges with oysters amongst the bottom.

I like 5 to 8ft depth and again use 4 foot of leader below your popping cork. Be creative and make a popping pattern.

Personally I pop the Vudu three times once I cast it into the area I’m fishing. Three pops, pause six seconds, then a simple pop. Create a pattern similar to how shrimp react when skipping across the water surface current!

I always try to find small creek mouths with fast current. Trout and flounder love fast-moving water and during high tide you can find them feeding in large schools.

I never just catch one flounder when I’m fishing. If you catch one, most likely there are several in the area. Be patient and get your pop on.

During lower tides, I find that reds will group up and sit along holes, either in front of oyster beds or behind them.

During this time I will use the Vudu without the popping cork and just a small swivel and 12lb mono.

My leader usually is 3ft and I will cast in those holes with a slow retrieve or by lifting the rod up then slowly reeling in the slack line.

Always keep a little tension on the line. Once you get a strike, you will feel a light or heavy pull. I never set the hook with a hard pull. Just tighten your line and lift the rod at the same time.

Remember every 10 casts to apply pro cure. For low tide, I will cast the Vudu without the popping cork along the edge of the low tide mark.

Redfish and flounder will school up in these areas, and even though you might get snagged on oysters or structure- the odds will always be in your favor once you find them.

Ideal Environment:

-High tide
-Fast current
-Grass line
-Low tide edges

Shopping List:

-Pro-cure Shrimp
-Popping cork
-4ft. leader

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