FLOUNDER: Nearshore & Offshore – By Captain Will Adams

During the colder months(December through March) targeting flounder offshore can be very productive if you have the patience.

I found that if you catch one, there’s five more waiting for you to drop that line. The most difficult part is being able to follow the same drift pattern.

I like using the 100-130 gram red jigs, Colt Sniper is my go-to because of the treble hook (Haddrell’s always has a great selection).

A secure bite is key to catching flounder, and in my experience they have proven much more efficient than single or double-hook jigs.

Nearshore/Offshore Flounder

For nearshore, I use a 60 gram jig tipped with cut bait(strips 4” x 2”). My best tip is to only set the hook once and if you’re too rough there’s a good chance of losing the fish if you don’t keep consistent tension on the line.


Take some time to establish the current to allow your jig to hit bottom closer to your boat by throwing ahead of the direction of the current.

The less line you have out once it reaches the bottom the better! This method gives you a big advantage by allowing you to feel that first hit and respond quicker.

If your line has too much slack you won’t feel the strike in time and if you have a grouper or American Red Snapper on the line, they’ll lodge themselves in whatever hole they can find and end up keeping your jig, which quickly adds up!

Generally I use 80lb. fluorocarbon as leader but I’ve also found that 130lb. single strand wire works just as well, keep the fluorocarbon around 2ft. and the wire about 10ft.

Another quick tip for nearshore/inshore, I use 60lb. fluorocarbon and stay away from single wire leader.

I hope this gives you some insight and if you have any questions feel free to reach out on Facebook (Will Adams). See you on the water!

If you had luck I’d love to see how it worked out for you, email JCJ1LLC@gmail.com or find me on Facebook.

Capt. Will Adams – Write off the Rip Charters Tel 843-270-0909 or email: writeoftheripcharters@gmail.com

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