Minute Ponzu Wahoo – By Chef Kyle Kryske

Minute Ponzu Wahoo is a versatile dish. This is a really easy recipe to make and it tastes awesome.

Method of Preparation:

1. Get your Wahoo and slice thin on a plate. Tuna works well for this as well if you didn’t happen to catch a wahoo. I like to cut out the sinew section from the fish before I slice it but that’s a personal preference.

2. Slice Jalapeno thin and put on each piece of fish. If you like wasabi this will also jazz it up.

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3. Cut your lime in half and squeeze over the Wahoo. Follow the lime with the soy sauce and just do it where it slightly pools around the fish but not over the slices.

4. Sprinkle a little kosher salt or sea salt on top.

5. Prepare this dish last minute hence the name for the ponzu, which is soy and citrus combined. Do not make this dish ahead of time. It comes together fast and is amazing.

This is a very versatile Wahoo dish so feel free to add other herbs or ingredients to it. I like to serve it over rice as well. Enjoy!


Ingredients for Minute Ponzu Wahoo:

Wahoo- sliced thin
1 Jalapeno Sliced paper thin
1 lime
Soy Sauce of your liking
Kosher Salt


Chef Kyle Kryske is a native of Pascagoula, MS. He is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University & has resided in Charleston for 15 years. He has been cooking in restaurants for 18 years. working in MS, AK, NC, and SC. and is Chef de Cuisine at The Royal Tern Restaurant on Johns Island, SC.



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