Mt Pleasant Pier July Fishing Forecast

As we get into July we get into the time of year where there tends to be more action from fishermen closer to sunrise and sunset to avoid the mid-day heat.

The trick to landing the big ones in July without melting is to select early mornings and late afternoons around productive tides.

While you can catch fish on any tide, one suggested time is to look for the last hour or two of the outgoing tide thru the first couple hours of the incoming tide.

In July the most productive baits are live mud minnows, shrimp, and mullet

When the tide goes slack and starts to come back in it seems to signal the dinner bell for flounder and trout.

In July the most productive baits are live mud minnows, shrimp, and mullet; however, if you run into a school of pinfish or blues you may have to try different spots to find the species you want.

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Another popular option is to target closer to the grass line at high tide. When the water comes all the way in, we typically see redfish and other species feeding.

The redfish around the pier are a little like garbage disposals in that they eat just about anything.

We see them caught on minnows, shrimp, cut bait, as well as chunks of blue crab. If your live bait is getting picked by crabs or blues it may be time to utilize them to your advantage and get even.

Ronald Murray with a nice spotted seatrout.

Fresh blue crab and cut bluefish are known to produce great results when targeting reds. If the blue crab is 5 inches from point to point and is not a female with eggs its fair game for dinner or bait.

In July and all summer long are a great time to have some fun crabbing with the family as well. The best time to give it a try is during lower tides using chicken necks for bait.

Crabbing is a perfect summer activity for kids of all ages and is relatively easy for beginners to learn.


To try your luck you’ll need an inexpensive drop net, a weight, some chicken necks for bait, and about 30 feet of crab line or rope.

If you don’t have any equipment the River Watch Café & Gift Shop on the pier has everything you need for a day of crabbing.

Jack Funk with a 1 lb 13 oz 16″ flounder.

Visit or call 843-762-9946 to learn more about what’s going on at the pier this summer.

There’s plenty for both the fishermen and non-fishermen in your family as our special events are coming back!

Shaggin’ on the Cooper will get things started on July 31st, Motown in the Moonlight returns August 28th, and our Cast-Off Fishing tournament will return September 11th.

Hope to see you on the pier

Good Luck!  Chris Pounder, CPRP Manager | Mount Pleasant Pier

Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission | Mount Pleasant Pier
For more info please contact the pier at (843) 762-9946
or visit


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